Since 1964 we have been producing high quality lighting fixtures in our family owned company in Südlohn/Germany.

The brand ROBERS symbolizes tradition, sustainability and timeless design. Development and production are under one roof at our plant in Südlohn. Thus, we achieve a high degree of flexibility. Our lighting fixtures are carefully crafted by experienced blacksmiths. In this way each item becomes a unique touch.

Only highquality materials are used such as seawaterresistant aluminium, cast iron, hot-galvanized steel and copper. Our lighting fixtures are constantly evolving regarding lighting technology and can of course be equipped with LEDs and other innovative light sources or can be prepared according to the dark sky regulations.

Every lighting fixture and its electrical components are equipped to the required regulations as UL or SASO for example. Thus they are well prepared for the future. The lighting fixtures are ready for installation at site and are equipped with high class electrical components. Due to our manufacturing capabilities we can respond to special customer requests. Hereby we can realize your own ideas or we can give you our proposals.